A report on my synthesis project on the acceptance of death

Member, Center Scientific Council Research Abstract My current research is focused on developing and testing simple interventions to improve communication about end-of-life care for patients with serious and life-threatening illness.

A report on my synthesis project on the acceptance of death

Induced abortion is the surgical or medical intervention in a pregnancy for the purpose of causing the death of the embryo or fetus.

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If the procedure results in a live birth, the outcome is a preterm delivery, not an abortion. Every abortion, then, is an iatrogenic death. Every post-abortion woman has undergone a real death experience — the death of her child. Grief is a natural consequence of death.

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Current obstetrical and psychiatric literature abounds with articles about grief following perinatal death — death due to spontaneous abortion, premature birth, stillbirth, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Their grief is not visible, however, since society, family, friends, press, or clergy do not support or are not trained to support them. The grief is very real and if unattended can eventually be felt by them to be aberrant, unnatural, or even unhealthy.

Ways of facilitating the grieving process have been identified. These include seeing and holding the dead baby, giving it a name and taking photographs; all help make the situation a reality and to create memories.

It is difficult to grieve when no memory of the individual exists. Perhaps it is because to the parents, and to the mother in particular, an unknown potential has been lost. Grief after induced abortion is often more profound and delayed than grief after other perinatal losses.

Grief after elective abortion is uniquely poignant because it is largely hidden. Yet the pregnant woman knows by the changes in her body that something very significant is happening to her: She is aware of the expected date of delivery and she has often thought of a name for her baby as she has begun to picture the child as he or she would be at birth Bonding begins very early in pregnancy.

All of these feelings and fantasies about her pregnancy must be denied in order to undergo an elective abortion. The pregnant woman is asked to deny the fact that she is carrying a child at all!

Society offers her no support in grieving. Her decision to undergo an abortion is made very quickly without time for calm reflection or seeking advice. The whole process is usually kept secret from her family and friends and professional colleagues, and often even from the father of her child.

She is typically alone, without her partner during the procedure. There is no dead child to hold, no photographs, no funeral, burial, or grave to visit, no consolation from friends, relatives or clergy. The psychological defense mechanisms of denial and repression are massively in effect by the time she leaves the clinic.

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When pain and bleeding remind her of the physical assault on her body and when the sudden and unnatural endocrine changes cause her to become emotionally labile, society continues to expect her to act as if nothing had happened. Her attempts to comply with those expectations are at great personal expense.

She may begin to dose herself with alcohol or sleeping pills to deal with her nightmares and her feelings of grief and guilt; she may throw herself into intense activity -work or study or attempts to repair her intimate relationships or to develop new ones.

Their guilt is not merely subjective or neurotic; it is objective and real. Each of these may trigger a breakthrough of guilt, grief, anger, and even despair. This cycle typically continues for many months or years before appropriate help is found because until recently mental health professionals have failed to recognize the many faces of post-abortion grief.

Uncomplicated Bereavement Normal Grief Grief is the subjective experience which follows the death of a loved one. Horowitz divides normal grief into four stages: OUTCRY which occurs immediately after the death when there may be an intense expression of emotion and an immediate turning to others for help and consolation.

WORKING THROUGH during which the bereaved person begins to experience both positive and negative memories of the deceased, but without the intrusive, disturbing quality which they had had previously and when emotional numbness lessens. The process of working through has reached completion when the bereaved person once again has the emotional energy to invest in new relationships, to work, to create, and to experience positive states of mind.

Horowitz gives the following examples of pathological grief. Some persons may seek to jam all channels of consciousness with stimuli, avoiding thinking and feeling about the death.One of the capabilities of artificial intelligence is the ability to generate content for use in music, visual art, CGI, and photo/video plombier-nemours.comibers: K.

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Heart failure (HF) impacts almost 6 million Americans, with this number expected to nearly double by Complicating the high incidence of HF is a 5-year mortality rate approaching 50% following initial diagnosis.

Patients with advanced or stage D HF face an even greater risk of rehospitalization and death.

A report on my synthesis project on the acceptance of death

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