An analysis of the portayal of jesus in the gospel according to matthew and the gospel according to

The Bible and Interpretation Matthew: For Matthew, however, the age foreshadowed by the heavens is central. Jesus comes not just to usher in the age but also to become the Lord of Pisces.

An analysis of the portayal of jesus in the gospel according to matthew and the gospel according to

Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John. Once Jesus accumulates this small group of Jewish followers, he begins to preach. His early ministry reaches a peak when he gives a sermon famously known as the Sermon on the Mount, which deeply impresses his increasingly large group of followers 5: Jesus says that the poor, meek, and hungry are blessed.

As he travels through Galilee, Jesus continues to attract crowds. He also calms a storm, exorcizes demons, gives eyesight to the blind, and brings a dead girl back to life. Jesus appoints twelve disciples, telling them that they will be persecuted but they should not be afraid.

He gives an account of the opposition Jesus faces. Some people disapprove of his association with sinners, tax collectors, and prostitutes. They call him a glutton and a drunkard. In the face of such rejection, Jesus does not apologize, but, rather, admonishes those who reject him.

Jesus responds to his challengers with a collection of parables. Matthew describes several of the parables—the parables of the sower, the weeds, the mustard seed, and the leaven—that Jesus tells to the crowds that gather to listen to him Jesus then explains that his disciples are part of his family.

But he is rejected in his hometown of Nazareth, where his friends and neighbors deride him. He continues to perform miracles, but the people become increasingly resistant and disbelieving. Jesus multiplies loaves and fish, feeding thousands on very little food.

He heals the sick and continues to preach the message of spiritual righteousness. Yet Jesus repeatedly finds that his disciples still lack faith in him.

When he miraculously walks across the water to them, they assume he must be a ghost. Even after he multiplies the loaves, they fear hunger. Jesus then lays out the rules for communal relations among Christians, emphasizing forgiveness, humility, and obedience to his teachings.

Jesus continues to preach. He forbids divorce and advocates chastity, while expounding the virtues of asceticism. He warns against the pitfalls of wealth, teaches forgiveness, and welcomes children.

In Jerusalem, cheering crowds await him. He says that tribulations will precede the final judgment, but that the Son of man—Jesus himself—will come, and that the righteous will be saved.The Gospel according to Matthew accepts and uses the main Christological titles found already in his main narrative source (Mark's Gospel), including Christ/Messiah, Son of .

Jesus is a new Moses, inaugurating the new covenant and bringing the law given at Mount Sinai to its fulfillment.

These examples reveal that Matthew uses many titles for Jesus in his Gospel, including Messiah, King, Lord, Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David, Immanuel, etc.

The first book of the New Testament is the Gospel According to Matthew, said to have been written by Jesus' s disciple Matthew, who was a tax-collector. The story in Matthew states that Jesus was a Jewish peasant, the stepson of a carpenter, born at Bethlehem in .

G1 Matthew a Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.

An analysis of the portayal of jesus in the gospel according to matthew and the gospel according to

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain. Essay about The Portrayal of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel Words 11 Pages Most people would agree that Matthews’s gospel is the most Jewish of the four gospels. gospel according to matthew I.

INTRODUCTION Gospel According to Matthew, first book of the New Testament. The Gospel According to Matthew (Gospel of Matthew or simply Matthew) is one of the four canonical gospels, one of the three synoptic gospels, and the first book of the New Testament.

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