Bmw rencontres arles

No female artist was awarded a retrospective.

Bmw rencontres arles

Bmw rencontres arles

These occa- sions, unparalleled events in world photography, are our pride and that of the city where every year tens of thousands of professionals and amateurs come together to celebrate images, discoveries, and exchanges of all kinds. The festival, on the theme of black and white, produced record figures: An unprecedented total, bearing witness to ever-growing interest, generously echoed by French and interna- tional media Bmw rencontres arles a rich, ambitious, and unifying programme.

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He has chosen, with my complete agreement, to dedicate it to friendship and fidelity. He himself has formed powerful connections with many artists and has made them a part of this final celebration, highlighting and memorialising his career as a conservator.

Therefore, we meet again several contributors with a long festival history. First is Raymond Depardon, guest curator in for a fondly remembered festival. I am delighted that he stood godfather to the great exhibition we devote to the 40, war memorials erected in France after the First World War, that cataclysm whose centenary we solemnise in We will celebrate his 80th birthday.

He will mark the occasion by recalling, through a series of interviews, videos, and photographs, the men and women who shaped his life and career.

Another returning friend is one of the great names in contemporary photography, our guest curator in Martin Parr presents his collection of Chinese photography books, evoking the history of that country, also revealed in the collection of group photographs assembled by Claude Hudelot.

I am gladdened, furthermore, that the National Portrait Gallery has associated us with a retrospective of the work of David Bailey, which we are happy to present.

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I would like to thank and salute here the many collectors who have entrusted Arles with the cream of their collections.

Faithful to our commitment to favouring access to photographic practice and contributing to sharpening vision in a world where the image is omnipresent, we pursue a policy that has been crowned with success over the years: The year marked the tenth anniversary of an activity dear to us and symbolic of the inventive teaching policy of the Rencontres: Back to School in Images.

This activity has been so successful 10, students in that we have not had enough room to welcome all the classes who wanted to participate. This time we have the pleasure of offering, at the same time, a two-day teaching seminar for teachers and culture professionals on a fascinating 7 topic: How Are Stories Told Today?

I like to recall that inits first edition, Back to School in Images involved only one school and a hundred students.

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Buoyed up by this success, a few years ago our educational department developed a tool to introduce and facilitate image-reading. We had the pleasure of introducing this educational tool, the Pause-Photo-Prose game, in It has already been used successfully and garnered enthusiastic reactions in many schools, vocational institutes, social centres, and media libraries.

This dissemination will continue over the coming two years among cultural mediators, educators, and instructors throughout France, thanks to the combined support of the Fondation Total, the French Ministry of Culture, and the French Ministry of National Education.Anders Petersen (born 3 May ) is a Swedish photographer, who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is noted for his intimate and personal documentary-style black-and-white photographs.

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He is noted for his intimate and personal documentary-style black-and-white photographs. Arles, Rencontres photographie Parc des ateliers Sometimes remembering ain’t no fun Jim Goldberg exhibition Posted by biphop on Tagged: Europe, France, Provence, Arles, rencontres, photographie, ateliers, parc, exhibiti.

On the occasion of the opening of this year’s Rencontres d’Arles Festival of Photography (July 4 – September 25) BMW is recalling , vehicles from through that weren’t part of the company’s previous recall for Takata airbags, which covered , vehicles.

The BMW i3 Spaghetti Car debuted at the Rencontres d’Arles Festival of Photography in It was supposed to be destroyed by BMW after the event on request by Cattelan, but that clearly didn. «ut cooperatores simus veritatis» ()(Nous devons servir de cette manière que nous soyons coopérateurs de la vérité.) [1] (en) Notice sur The BMW Residency jury is composed of: Christoph Wiesner, artistic director of Paris Photo, Nathalie Berriat, director of GOBELINS, François Cheval, artistic director of the BMW Residency, Hervé Digne, collector, Chantal Nedjib, Image, Sam Stourdzé, director of the Rencontres d'Arles, and Maryse Bataillard, Head of Cultural engagement BMW.

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