Case patients like me

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Case patients like me

Case patients like me

September 21, Christina M. Thompson Archived No comments These statistics show how many people can be diagnosed with cancers that are well known versus that of Leiomyosarcoma patients.

There are many cancers that affect the human body; some are well known by the entire world and some are rare. Leiomyosarcoma LMS is a type of rare cancer that affects the muscle tissues of the human body.

Smooth muscle cells make up the involuntary muscles, which are found in most parts of the body, including the uterus, stomach and intestines, the walls of all blood vessels, and the skin.

It is therefore possible for LMS to appear at any site in the body. Famous people like Padma L. Treatment options include traditional methods surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy and alternative methods I. Brussels sprouts are one of the cruciferous vegetables recommended for LMS patients to eat.

When looking at the traditional methods of curing LMS, most doctors will say that surgery is the best option. Chemotherapy and radiation are there to help get the tumor small enough to operate on.

Case patients like me

In some cases of high-grade leiomyosarcoma, chemotherapy may have a role to reduce the risk of recurrence or to improve operability.

It is important to realize that the treatment of leiomyosarcoma is a complicated process. Associated with the treatment of the disease are the very real long-term sequels of these treatments in those in whom they establish a cure.

The outcome and affects that each of these treatments have on a single person with LMS, all depends on their own immune system. Rosalie Peipert, an LMS patient, wrote a blog about her struggles with this rare cancer.

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Almost 3 years later I had to have the same operation for 4 more nodes in both lungs. This is a very painful surgery because it hurts to breathe in the beginning and the sternum hurts from being opened. This time, I asked for someone to come down and see me from the Pain Clinic.

It was a big help. I had an epidural and the PCA pump. I have never had chemo or radiation. I have a low grade LMS. I was very lucky that I could be a candidate for surgery. April …my fight is ongoing. I had surgery to remove a 7 cm retroperitoneal tumor on March 8, It was encapsulated and taken out.

It was LMS again. After almost 19 yrs, it returned to the scene of the original crime in the pelvic area.

March …I had another recurrence in both lungs. November … I have been on hormone therapy 9 months now and am stable. Peter Mathern, an oncologist in Phoenix, Arizona, discusses why LMS patients should chose to go the traditional therapy route, over just a diet change or alternative therapies.

Although most doctors will say that traditional methods are the only way to cure LMS, there are new alternative methods being discovered all the time. Cancer immunotherapy attempts to stimulate the immune system to reject and destroy tumors.Case is a special grammatical category of a noun, pronoun, adjective, participle or numeral whose value reflects the grammatical function performed by that word in a phrase, clause or some languages, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, determiners, participles, prepositions, numerals, articles and their modifiers take different inflected forms, depending on their case.

Brussels sprouts are one of the cruciferous vegetables recommended for LMS patients to eat. This delicious dish with brussels sprouts was made by a chef at a Fry’s Marketplace located in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo By Christina Thompson ).

Antiphospholipid Syndrome or Hughes Syndrome was the major medical discovery of the late 20 th century; for many it is still deemed a ‘new’ disease.

As a result many people are now living with the disease with little knowledge of its causes, effects and available treatments.

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