Duties of a prefect in a school essay

House system A typical boarding school has several separate residential houses, either within the school grounds or in the surrounding area. A number of senior teaching staff are appointed as housemasters, housemistresses, dorm parents, prefectsor residential advisors, each of whom takes quasi-parental responsibility in loco parentis for anywhere from 5 to 50 students resident in their house or dormitory at all times but particularly outside school hours.

Duties of a prefect in a school essay

Languages Driver's license Points to remember: It is essential that your cellphone needs to be on in case anyone phone. Make sure that you have a professonal message on your phone in case you miss a call.

If you only have a home phone number then everyone living with you need to be aware of the fact that you are waiting for a call.

Place a pen and paper next to the phone in casy there is a message. Do not give your spouse's cellphone number unless you will be able to speak to the caller immediately.

Is your email up and running? Does the P O Box belong to you or someone else? If it belongs to e. It is not necessary to disclose your age, gender, height, weight, marital status or religion. If you do not have an email address then set one up through Hotmail or Yahoo.

System of doctrine and discipline

Try and register one with your name and surname only. List the degree, diploma, matriculation or standard achieved as well as the year and institution.

Then move on the one just before that e. There is no need to list all the subjects you took unless it is relevant. However, it is crucial to list all your qualifications - whether they were from academic institutions or not.

It is important to list all of your achievements while studying, e. List all the leadership positions you served in, e.

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End this section of with your extracurricular activities that you participated in, e. The older you are the less important your school information will become. You might only want to mention that you matriculated, where and when and one or two major achievements.

It is also not necessary to show your grades or marks achieed.

Duties of a prefect in a school essay

It is also best to leave out any information on political activities or other controversial topics. However, if you know that the recruiter is looking for someone who participated in certain political groups then you might want to mention it.

Start with the most recent position and work your way back.

List the title of the position, the name of the company and your length of service. Below this you can give a description of your duties in bullet-point format. It is also important to list any projects that you worked on. Be specific and use numbers where possible, e.

Managed 32 staff members and a R1 million budget. It is again important to list all of your achievements while working, e. End this section of with any additional things that you use to do for the company, e.Manifesto for School Prefect Essay Manifesto For School I continued my duties as a junior prefect for the rest of the year.

I was given the post of AJK Disiplin for the afternoon session prefectorial board. School prefects cannot make progress if they are not team players. Team working is a vital way of completing projects that is.

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Prefects are a common component of the British school system and act as an extension of the school administration. They help enforce rules as well as a liaison between the student body and the.

In the absence of the School Captain, discharge his duties as the acting School Captain. Senior Prefects In addition to the duties of a Prefect, a Senior Prefect is also responsible for the following duties. Voila!

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Duties of a prefect in a school essay

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