Essay on globalisation and its impact on indian culture

Generally ICTs are considered appropriate, even though there remain concerns over economic priorities, basic needs or computers. However, the implementation of ICTs is occurring in a context where the cultural and institutional barriers are not well addressed. The assumption often made is that if one just purchases a few computers and modems, a post-industrial society can magically result.

Essay on globalisation and its impact on indian culture

In this essay we will discuss about Globalisation.

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After reading this essay you will learn about: Meaning of Globalisation 2. Characteristics of Globalisation 3. Globalisation of Indian Economy 6. By the term globalisation we mean opening up of the economy for world market by attaining international competitiveness.

Thus the globalisation of the economy simply indicates interaction of the country relating to production, trading and financial transactions with the developed industrialized countries of the world.

Accordingly, the term, globalisation has four parameters: Thus taking the entire world as global village, all the four components are equally important for attaining a smooth path for globalisation.

In this way, the imperialist nations gained much at the cost of the colonial countries who had to suffer from the scar of stagnation and poverty. However, the advocates of globalisation, especially from the developed countries purposely limit the definition of globalisation to only three components, i.

They do not want to include the free flow labour within the parameter of globalisation set by them. Too few share in its benefits. Too many have no voice in its design and no influence on its course. Now it is to be seen how far the developing countries would gain by adopting the path of globalisation in future.

In the mean time, various countries of the world have adopted the policy of globalisation. Following the same path India had also adopted the same policy since and started the process of dismantling trade barriers along with abolishing quantitative restrictions QRs phase-wise.

Accordingly, the Government of India has been reducing the peak rate of customs duty in its subsequent budgets and removed QRs on the remaining items in the EXIM Policy All these have resulted in open access to new markets and new technology for the country.

Main features of globalisation are as follows: Another characteristic of globalisation is the control of economic activities by domestic market and international market. It also established coordination among the national economy and world economy. One of the important characteristics of globalisation is free trade between counties.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

Introduction. If climate change is the key process in the natural world impacting on sustainable development, then globalisation is the parallel process in the human world, creating both opportunities for, and barriers to, sustainable development.

Aug 13,  · Globalization and its impact on Indian culture Today world is twenty century an era of technology and fast growing life style. Through technology and social site increase the connectivity to every part of world.

The adoption of the policy of globalisation in India has resulted initially the following mixed impacts on its economy: (i) Competition: As a result of globalisation, Indian companies started to face growing competition from free flow of products produced by multi-national companies (MNCs).

Globalization has not only inculcated the westernization in India, but conversely the Indian culture has also spread its impact globally.

Essay on globalisation and its impact on indian culture

Culture and traditions of any geographic region hold a special significance with respect to its uniqueness and that is the differentiating factor for a population within a geographic boundary from the other.

globalization and its impact on indian culture Before we can discuss this topic in detail, it is important that we understand the concept of globalization and its overall impact on India.

Globalization can be defined as the removing of borders and barriers to facilitate easy exchange of ideas, resources and knowledge between countries/5(8).

Essay on globalisation and its impact on indian culture
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