Freelance writing in kenya

The chances of getting employed in the country are growing slimmer and slimmer with every graduation ceremony that happens in Kenya. But there is always hope around the corner, in these internet times, there is an increase in the number of people working online in Kenya.

Freelance writing in kenya

How to great thing without unexpected thing …and so on First paragraph When someone reads a catchy heading, the next thing that he or she expects is a great article.

Therefore, make sure your first paragraph is as catchy as possible. Some good methods to start a first paragraph include: This works exceptionally well, whether you are writing for a client or for your blog.

An interesting philosophical statement Body Let the article body maintain the tempo of the heading and the first paragraph. The main thing to remember is to stay on topic. Just write in a simple, readable and understandable manner.

Freelance writing in kenya

Most good article bodies are structured to solve specific problems. Therefore sound like you are really helping the reader to sort out something. Conclusion It is advisable to include a conclusion in an article.

Find a way to make the reader feel like it was worth it to read your article and that he needs to come back for more. Here you can summarize your main points and end with a call to action. Write eBooks Write your first eBook. This should be a collection of some of your best thoughts.

One trick that you can use when writing an eBook is to browse online for eBooks which talk about a similar topic to yours. Get inspiration from how the writer has styled his eBook and even the topics for different chapters.

You can market it to your friends on Facebook or on your blog.

Freelance writing in kenya

I also wrote a step by step case study on how I wrote an eBook, marketed it in many channels, especially Facebook, and got more than 50k in sales in 1. Check out the postlearn and implement.

These sites also take a cut from your pay and may suspend or terminate your account without notice. To write for profit, you need to know what pays well and where to get it. I have highlighted above that apart from these low paying sites, you can also get clients through direct pitching, social media and blogging.

Research on how to case studies releases and curve a niche in this. Here, you write for specific blogs or websites on a more long-term basis.

Although you are a freelancer, you are paid a lot of money to specifically write for those blogs or websites under your real name. Learn how to write ebooks and even create some of your own. Earn from both your ebooks and those you write for clients.

Here you will write proposals, business plans, emails, policies, memorandums, grants among others. This is among the most profitable forms of writing.

It involves writing sales or marketing copies for websites. These include the long copies you usually see in websites which want you to make a purchase. The above list is in no way exhaustive therefore kindly google for more lucrative writing opportunities. If you have a blog, make sure you include a services page where you show the services you offer.

Check out my FreelancerKenya services and see what I offer, for example. Surprisingly, I have gotten high paying clients by just that.

How to Make Money Online in Kenya as a Freelance Writer in

To write for profit, you should always ensure that your writing is scalable. Therefore, keep improving your skills and increasing your pay.

Your income should always be on the rise. You can start writing blog post drafts before you even start a blog. Write a lot about things that you love doing. For example, FreelancerKenya is a blog that helps Kenyans earn money online.

Start Cold Pitching

So I ensure my posts here are geared towards that niche. The writing skill is a goldmine. Remember to always create your own ebooks, training material if you want to train peoplesocial media marketing posts and even your autobiography among others.

Writing is a great profession.We are looking for freelance writing teams who can handle assignments from UK, us, Australia, and middle East.

The assignment should be plagiarism free and we can offer Kenyan shilling per.

High Paying Online Writing Jobs in Kenya (Updated )

Do you know the best freelance writing sites in kenya where you can get jobs?? well we are listing them below.A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer . Nov 11,  · What I Didn’t Teach You About Freelance Writing in Kenya.

Some of what I decided to teach you about freelance writing in Kenya included: continuously pitching clients, having an online presence, creating a writer website, and creating awesome writing samples. Helping You to Make Money Online in Kenya. How Tom earned BTC ($2,) in October doing freelance writing jobs.

Last Updated on November 2, By Walter Akolo 37 Comments. What’s your biggest win right now? Mine is the story of one of my trainees – Tom Nyarunda. ($2,) in October doing freelance writing jobs;. Online writing jobs in Kenya for a freelancer you can find in our agency.

If you have writing skills, apply for online job and obtain the money you deserve. Online writing jobs in Kenya for a freelancer you can find in our agency. If you have writing skills, apply for online job and obtain the money you deserve.