John f kennedy conspiracy essay

Did Freemasons cause the assassination of JFK? That's what some anti-Masons and conspiracy theorists would have you believe. Of ALL the theories relative to U. Kennedy's assassination infew can compare with the one found on a web page of a long-time conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier.

John f kennedy conspiracy essay

Robert Kennedy's Headwounds, Part 1: The accused assassin sits in jail today, having been convicted of 1st-degree murder by a jury of his peers. Nor has the import of ballistic and medical evidence been litigated, not even at Sirhan's trial during which his legal team arbitrarily stipulated both to the integrity of the physical evidence and the prosecution's version which has Sirhan as the sole assassin.

It turns out that information overlooked for thirty-eight years sheds new light on the RFK assassination and evidences conspiracy in a way heretofore unappreciated. This first of a two-part essay explores the entry wound in RFK's head and the round that was supposed to have caused it.

In part two, we will examine the bullet fragment recovered during surgery, the size of that fragment as seen in the pre-op X-rays, the troubling way in which it moved through the LAPD chain of custody, and the bullet fragment recovered during the autopsy which fell off the face of the planet.

Prologue To date, the strongest controversies pointing to multiple shooters have centered around two issues: The evidence indicates that at least 9 shots were fired that night, yet Sirhan wielded an 8-shot revolver, which he did not reload.

The second main controversy revolves around eyewitness testimony that places Sirhan in a position from which he could not physically have inflicted RFK's wounds.

While both issues are of paramount importance to a finding of conspiracy, they are, and will likely remain, irresolvable. This is so for two reasons: As inconceivable as it sounds thirty-eight years after the fact, the "proof" comes straight from RFK's autopsy report. The "Perfect" Post Mortem?

Noguchi conducted RFK's autopsy between the hours of 3: Noguchi's examination and subsequent autopsy report have long been touted as the exemplar of a precise, thorough, and meticulously documented medico-legal post mortem. Indeed, some have called it the "perfect" autopsy. However, a close inspection of RFK's autopsy report reveals astonishing facts; the description of the headshot damage not only represents a pathologic impossibility detailed in Part 2but actually rules out Sirhan's gun as the offending instrument.

The Gun in Question RFK had just declared victory in the California Democratic Presidential Primary and was making his way to a press conference when shots rang out in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel. Sirhan, still firing a gun, was wrestled onto a steam table in front of RFK.

In addition to Kennedy, five bystanders were hit by gunfire. That gun was a. Legitimate controversy surrounds the exact model Iver-Johnson recovered that night, but for the purposes of this essay only, we will grant that it was the same gun introduced during Sirhan's trial and the same gun that sits in the California State Archives today.

This construction has two advantages over regular ammunition: Fired at a velocity of around 1, feet per second, the 37 gr.

John f kennedy conspiracy essay

A hollow point round such as that allegedly used to kill RFK begins to deform as it strikes an object. The denser the object struck, the more the bullet will "mushroom.

John f kennedy conspiracy essay

Tests conducted by ballistic expert, Martin Fackler show that a. The critical question at issue becomes: It shattered and then tore through RFK's brain, severing a major blood-carrying "sinus" in its course. Kennedy crumpled to the ground, grievously wounded.

Blood leaked into the cranial cavity and poured from the entry wound. The brain began to swell and blood accumulated within the inter-cranial space, exerting life-threatening pressure on the mid-brain, which controls the involuntary heart and lung functions. Stanley Abo was among the RFK supporters in the Embassy Ballroom that night, and upon hearing of the shooting, rushed to the pantry to render aid and assistance to the wounded.

Abo located the bullet hole behind RFK's right ear, but it was not bleeding at that point as a clot had plugged the hole.

Jfk Conspiracy Theory Essay

Abo understood that pressure was building up inside RFK's skull, and if it was allowed to continue would be imminently fatal. And so Abo stuck his finger in the hole to flush out the clot. It worked and blood began to pour from RFK's head once more.The man at right is Dr.

Charles Crenshaw, who was in the Emergency Room when Kennedy was treated at Parkland claimed in his book Conspiracy of Silence to be finally telling the truth about the assassination — a truth he feared to tell earlier.

His testimony, quite conveniently, "corroborates" what conspiracy books have been saying for years. Read Jfk Conspiracy Theory free essay and over 88, other research documents. Jfk Conspiracy Theory. The JFK Conspiracy On November 22, President John F. Kennedy arrived in Dallas to a crowd of excited people lining the streets hoping to 1, Words | 8 Pages.

Jfk Conspiracy/5(1). The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: a Conspiracy Essay The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has invoked more intrigue than any other assassination of the twentieth century. It is one of the single most researched events in the history of mankind.

THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION The assassination of John F. Kennedy is one of the most controversial and debated topics in American History.

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Physics homework help for college students. 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination: The Conspiracy Theories. Although John F. Kennedy was shot about half a century ago, there hasn’t been a conclusive answer as to who actually. john f. kennedy's fatal wounds: the witnesses and the interpretations from to the present by gary l.

aguilar, md.

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