Kfc full case study 2010

TV executives over at Channel 9 bickered amongst themselves.

Kfc full case study 2010

Introduction Qantas is one of the largest airlines company founded inAustralia. Qantas is known for the standard air fares and isknown for its domestics and international airlines.

Company is been revenue of more than Company has able to earn the net income worth of the 6 million. Recently company is been facing tough to survive in the businessbecause of the huge competition among the rival firms.

The study will focus on the Qantas marketing strategies in recent years. Apart from that, study will also cover various marketing tools in order to assess the company major loopholes and the opportunities areas. Mission of Qantas is to cater best low fare carrier in a global platform.

Consistent customer service with excellence is another major mission of the company. Lastlycompany is alsofocusing on the safety which is their major priority and wanted to world achieve the best safety practices and reporting.

Marketing Audit tools Qantas is going through very tough phase as the company is very much facing harder to survive in the current competitive scenario. Company has not been able to garner the large customer base in Asiapacific and Middle East nations because of pricing issues.

It is micro analysis and is generally known for internal analysis. This would be helpful for the company byimproving the business without expense of an external consultant. It help in the understanding the businessbetter address the internal weakness which is high attrition attritions rates and is very much focus on the Australia.

On the other hand, capitalizing the opportunities which show that, company has international presence and has high brand value in term of value propositions Bose, The SWOT analysis develops business goals and strategies for achieving them for the companies.


However, it does not give enough scope for the complex issues and does not provide solutions. Handlechner,pp Benefit of using PEST From the above, it has been found that, PESTanalysis is very much helpful in gaining the external influences which affecting the company.

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Political scenario of the Australia is very much stable and helpful increasing the high brand value of the company Harrell, Apart from that, PEST analysis will giveenough scope to measure the market growth andposition of the external factors which affecting theQantas.

It is very much simple and is useful tool to analyse the external factors which are influencing the Qantas decision makings Agrawal and Lal, PEST is verymuch useful and relevant for the larger and more complex organisations rather than small or medium sizeorganisations.

Porters five forces model gives the power of supplier, power of buyers and threats of substitutions along threat of new entry. This theory is given by the Michaelporters in and was alsoappointed offer the presidents Ronald Reagan commissions on industrial competitiveness Becker et al.

However, there are some of the major drawbacks it is only used in the large organization and does not focus on the other than competitors factors.

Apart from that, the model does not consider non market forces and is only applicable insimplemarketstructures Qantas. Five forces model Ratings Barging power of suppliers In airline industry, the supplier like Boeing and Airbus are only few suppliers who are being supplying manufacturing the aircraft.

Apart from that there is cartel form in fuel of airlines by Middle east nations which creating problem for the company Bendapudi and Leone, Medium Bargaining power of buyers Buyers have now more options because of the rise in competition in airlines company Bhattacharya and Korschun, As per their affordability and luxury customers can choose their preference of airlines.

High Threat of new entrants With rise in new airlines like Ryan airline Jet airways and Spice jet are taking high market share because of the low pricings strategies which is one of the major threats for the Qantas.

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Pricing strategiesof Qantas airlines Source: Since the increases in the cheaper airlinesin Asian nations has created problem for the company Corstjens and Lal, With the help of Pricings strategies, Qantasmacrofactors shows that company is not able to gain high market share inthe internationalmarketsbecause as the people of Asia are very much pricesensitivity.

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Kfc full case study 2010

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