Paper bunting

Make Bunting and Have a Party! What are Iain and James doing now? They are making bunting with the help of their friend Adam. Are they planning on having a party then?

Paper bunting

Extruder optional The size of the triangles will depend on how big the cake is and how many letters are needed. To make triangles that are equal on both sides, take a piece of paper, fold it in half and make your measurements or you can just wing it and cut it without measuring.

Paper bunting

For this cake, since there were only 3 letters, I thought it was fun to make the middle triangle longer. Pencils do not contain lead which is toxic. Graphite, however, is safe and non-toxic.

Print out the letters to the size you need them. I used the Word program, typed out the name in different sizes and chose one that fits best inside the bunting. The font I used for this banner is Copperplate Gothic Bold. Trace out the letter on the smooth side of the wafer paper.

Take a small brush and apply the piping gel being careful to stay inside the traced letter. Immediately pour the edible glitter on top of the bunting.

Piping gel has a tendency to dry out if left too long. Tap the excess back to the container. It helps working on top of a piece of paper, this way you can use the paper to collect the edible glitter and pour it back in the container once done.

Sometimes there are areas that are not covered by the glitter. Go and reapply the piping gel into those areas.

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Add more glitter on those areas and tap it out again. If you want to have sharper edges, run a straight edge like a knife around the letters. Then dip those sides on the edible glitter. Ok, this part is optional. My first vision for this bunting was that it will hang on a piece of fondant rope.

The end result however was that you can hardly see the rope. I still think the rope let the bunting hang nicely and gave it a bit of dimension. To make this part, you can either extrude the rope or just roll a long snake of fondant.WELCOME TO PAPERMARC. Papermarc is a Melbourne boutique paper retailer who specialise in invitations and cards for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, engagements, christenings, birth announcements, corporate functions, parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs/bat mitzvahs, baby showers, kitchen teas, hens nights, bereavements, rsvp acceptance cards, save the day cards, gift registry.

Festive bunting is Halloween d├ęcor that's perfect for trimming your fireplace mantel, haunted house entrance, porch overhang and so much more. This /5(2). Paper crafters, I have good news for you! If you've admired beautiful, on-edge paper letters, wanted to try, but wondered how the heck quilled lettering is done, Cecelia Louie of Etsy shop Paper Zen has released E-books that provide patterns and templates for each letter of the alphabet.

Learn Cecelia's foolproof method and you'll be a quilling star! 2. Decide which size bunting you want, cut out the triangle & punch out the two holes. 3. Draw around the paper template onto the cereal box card and mark where the holes are.

Paper bunting

No longer are you limited to buying an "off the shelf" Bunting design. Make it your own by adding your logo, photo, company name, anything is possible.

Bunting custom made with any design, any length size and even custom pennant shapes are such a great, visual way to advertise a store promotion. Paper Bird Garland Neon Bright and colorful.. these are actually sewn as across like bunting but look more like garland and can be used as either bunting or garland.

Clearance price show over 65% off. 2"w X .

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