The importance of preserving peace in the holy land

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The importance of preserving peace in the holy land

Peace, as we all know, is very important in our lives and it is essential to our overall well-being. However, this is something that has, regrettably, eluded us for years and years in this world.

The importance of preserving peace in the holy land

It has been hindered by war, conflicts and disagreements throughout human history, which has left our world and the many people in it in a deplorable emotional and physical state. This should not be the case. If this continues, then any chance of peace will be lost, so we should try as much as possible to raise the future generations that will replace us one day to value peace above all else so that this world will be a better place.

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Any kind of violence, even in its lowest form can be a huge hindrance to peace, and that is why we must stamp it out in order to preserve peace and the lives of millions of innocent people. If we do not root it out, then we will be seeing full scale wars a lot more often and more lives will be lost.

In any case, conflict is senseless and accomplishes nothing for us but rather, it creates more problems. In fact, it is a big factor contributing to revenge, which is one of the biggest hindrances to peace. However, it does not have to be this way as there is still hope for us to become peaceful.

Peace has many benefits if we give it a chance, and it is a far more favourable option than conflicts. Imagine all the positive developments we could make if we were to have lasting peace throughout the ages.

It might be hard, but we must all learn to do it. A solution to these conflicts is finding some sort of common ground or understanding from the neutral point of view of a mediator. Mutual understanding is an element that is crucial to the development of peace in this world, because without it, we would not be able to resolve our differences and they would remain in place, which would give rise to more misfortunes.

The importance of preserving peace in the holy land

It begins with raising children in a positive way, resolving differences with a mutually beneficial solution, and rooting out problems before they grow.

If we do all these, less lives will be lost, and there would not be as much chaos and destruction as we have it today. Ezugo Obuekwe is a year-old high school student. His interests include writing, playing video games, learning about history, computers and playing Basketball.The statement came at the end of the event the Holy See sponsored together with the Nineveh Reconstruction Committee (NRC) and the Knights of Columbus, entitled “Preserving Pluralism and Diversity in the Nineveh Region” at UN Headquarters.

UN meeting on Israeli-Palestinian peace emphasizes nature and value of dialogue. Supreme Judge of Sharia Courts in Palestine and Head of the Supreme Council for Preserving Islamic Holy Sites; Giuseppe Marco Malagola of the delegation of Terra Santa in Rome; Chaim A. Cohen, Member of the Board of Directors for Rabbis for Human Rights in.

One of our biggest concerns throughout history is the war in the Middle East. Coming up with solutions to end the war have been so difficult to obtain. Going to the problem and fixing it from the roots has never been able the stop to the war, the problem has always been the higher level of.

A recent New Yorker article highlighted the importance of preserving indigneous languages, Voices for Peace and Sustainable Development.

Paul Stamets – Mushroom Magic. Native Land Trusts: Returning to a Land They Never Left. Racing Up Your Movement. Project Drawdown. Peace, as we all know, is very important in our lives and it is essential to our overall well-being. The Importance of Peace in Our World.

By. Ezugo Obuekwe. Published on 4th May SHARES. Share Tweet Whatsapp Save Related Topics: Ezugo Obuekwe, Importance of Peace. Ezugo Obuekwe. 4 Comments. 4 Comments Kalifah. 14th October. Land of Peace is a nonprofit Christian organization committed to improving the lives of the faithful who are descended from those who first took the message of Jesus and chose to walk in his paths.

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