Tuesday siesta

A stifling blast of smoke came in the car window. On the narrow road parallel to the railway there were oxcarts loaded with green bunches of bananas.

Tuesday siesta

The woman is accompanied by a young girl that seems to be her daughter. However, this is not certain due to the age difference that seems to exist between the two.

The distance between where they were coming from and where they were headed to was quite extensive. This is because they passed several towns, and had to stop at some point for refreshments. When they reached their destination, they headed straight to the father. The father kept the keys to the cemetery where their son had been buried.

She asserted that the father was asleep, and they should wait for some time before he wakes up. However, after realizing that the two had come from far, she showed them the way in.

The father narrated to them how their Tuesday siesta met his unfortunate death. He was surprised since they did not show any emotions on their faces after he had narrated the story.

The father requested the woman to sign some papers before he could give her the keys to the cemetery. Individuals within this neighborhood seemed curious regarding the relatives of Carlos. The father tried to convince the woman that the weather was very hot, and she should wait until evening before proceeding.

The setting of this narrative tries to portray a poor society. This is because the woman and the young lady could only afford the third-class section of the train. The room where they met the father is also described as being poor even though it is properly kept.

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For the characters, the woman seems to be determined. The father seems calm and caring based on how he treats the woman and the young lady. She fears that they will be scorched by the sun if they went to the grave at that time of the day. The young girl is obedient since she does what the woman instructs her without any questions.

The narrative uses the third person point of view. This is based on the language used all through the narrative. There is presence of he, she among others. Another evidence is based on how all the characters involved have been brought out. All of them seem to be included.

It is only the third person point of view that has the ability of attaining such a stance. This is because he seems to understand every setting and character involved.

The author has chosen the third person point of view due to its advantages and nature of the narrative involved. Among these advantages is that it eliminates any form of bias nature. This is more evident with the first person view point, whereby everything concentrates on the individual narrating the story.

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It becomes difficult to grasp some aspects regarding some characters.The protagonist of this story is the old woman who has recently lost her son. She desperately wants to pay her respects to her son who died and has being buried in .

Tuesday Siesta Analysis Summary An older looking woman and a twelve year old girl who are stricken with poverty board a train. They are the . Siesta Key Marina has been serving Sarasota boaters and fishermen since For more than a half century our marina has been a staple in the Sarasota boating community and a prime spot for boaters and fisherman on siesta key.

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Tuesday siesta
AP Spanish Literature: La Siesta del Martes